A retired RAF Squadron Leader was asked by a local schoolmistress to give a talk to the children about his exploits during the war. As he moved onto his part in the Battle of Britain, he described a particularly fraught engagement:

"..the fo' ker s came out of the sun and before long there were fo'kers everywhere. I shot down one of the fo'kers but there were simply too many. Before long, 2 fo'kers got behind me and shot my tail and I had to parachute down to safety."

By this stage, most of the young children were smirking and trying to stifle their obvious amusement. So the headmistress interjected:

"Children, what the Squadron Leader is referring to, is the Fokker FU-66, which was a German utility fighter / bomber"

"Madam" replied our flier, "the fo'kers I was referring to, were in fact Messherschmitz"


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