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Some time back , when I was  posted as Inspector Of Engineering Machinery for the Western Command, there was the annual visit by the staff from Controller Of Defence Accounts (CDA) . They were going through various related papers.

One mechanic who was working on the Chief's car, came up to me and to give the report on the problem -  the problem was that one cylinder was 'misfiring' , so, in the usual jargon, he said , "Sir, Cylinder 3 is 'missing' ".

The CDA staff happened to overhear the conversation between me and the mechanic, and inferred that a cylinder was actually missing.

He put up a complaint to his superior stating that we were not  furnishing full details for the accounting, and that some mismanagement was going on in this base.

Immediately a Court of Inquiry was setup.  When the details were put before the court, there was not one person who could not control their laughter. 

CDA staff refused to come again to our base.  We definitely 'miss" them a lot.

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