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This was actually sent to a major newspaper in the USA (where else?)

Dear Editor,

Today is Veterans Day, so I asked someone who had been in the Armed Service what he did in the military.  He said, "I was in the Pacific Theater." I asked him if any other GIs were with him.  He said "Yes, there were thousands of us."  I asked him how much time he spent in the Pacific Theater. He said that he was in Theater every day for five months !

I certainly believe that our fighting men need some recreation, but I think that they don't need to be in the movie theater that long.  Back in 1944, for example, our boys in uniform were having a tough time on the beaches of Norway - yet there were thousands of GIs off in the movie theater who could have been helping out.  And as a Concerned American, I think it is a bit excessive for a serviceman to be at the picture show every day for five months.  Of course, all Veterans were not in the Pacific Theater, and we should be proud of those who fought and who made sacrifices.

A Concerned American

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