rag 'eds

Just after the Gulf War, four Flt Sgt's were walking down the main street in Riydah, Saudi Arabia when they witnessed a minor car accident involving a very expensive open top Mercedes. Summonsed to court, one of the Flt Sgt's volunteered to act as spokesman and was sworn in.

Asked by the judge to describe what he saw, our intrepid Flt Sgt replied: "Well, I was walking down the main street when an open top Mercedes containing four rag 'eds went screaming by…"

The judge quickly intervened, admonished the Flt Sgt, and informed him that one of the occupants of the car was none other than Prince Feruk of Saudi Arabia, one of the Royal Family.

"Sorry m'lud" apologised the Flt Sgt and started again: " As we were walking down the street, I saw a Mercedes car containing Prince Feruk of Saudi Arabia and three other rag 'eds. . ."

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