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Why Submarines are better than woman:

-  a submarine will kill you quickly. A woman takes her time.
-  submarines like it done at all angles.
-  submarines can be turned on easily anytime.
-  a submarine doesn't mind if you smoke, drink, tell dirty jokes or cuss.
-  a submarine does not object to being rigged for dive.
-  submarines come with manuals.
-  a submarine is built for going down
-  a submarine once down is quite willing to say there as long as you want.
-  submarines are always in trim.
-  you can dive a submarine any time of the month.
-  submarines don't whine unless something is really wrong.
-  submarines don't care how many other subs you have sailed on.
-  submarines don't come with in-laws.
-  when sailing, you and your submarine arrive at the same time.
-  submarines don't mind if you look at other submarines or if you buy books and

   magazines about them.
-  submarines don't complain if you sleep somewhere else.
-  submarines don't mind if you stop off for a few beers on the way back.
-  it's OK to tie up a submarine
-  you can leave your submarine but it will never leave you.
-  you get paid extra money for riding on a submarine.
-  submarines don't mind if you sit up all night eating and talking loud with your friends
-  submarines always smell the same all month long.

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